In new network Shanghai on January 9 report (reporter Miao Lu) insurance of 2

020 Pacific Ocean grows · of match of set of mount a horse trigonometry marathon press conference holds half Cheng 9 days, this match serves as 2020 match of set of first mount a horse, will hold 8 o’clock sharp in the morning on Feburary 23, match with ” run in all long triangle, win-win new circuit ” give priority to a problem.

This second match sets half Cheng marathon and health to run two projects, match dimensions control is controlled in 8000 people, among them half horse quota of people 5000, health runs quota of people 3000. This second match course is located in inside limits of park of water system of green riverside around the city, city and river blend each other landscape of accrete a region of rivers and lakes is this all the way the biggest characteristic, course whole evenness is open, shopping centre of core of way green riverside.

To enhance long triangle half horse and match of other mount a horse are contacted, before this second match men and women 200 famous generals are obtained direct the qualification of marathon of 2020 Shanghai international, it is match of set of mount a horse an organic whole repeatedly through direct system, the person that arouse more to run takes part in the match enthusiasm.

In addition, the award that Bencibi surpasses also is worth to expect very much, the person that the organizing committee sets place award to run to before the match 6 undertakes cash is rewarded, the first famous general obtains a RMB 15000 yuan, the 2nd famous general obtains a RMB 10000 yuan, later ordinal and degressive till the 6th obtains a RMB 2000 yuan.

For run-up person a helping hand, the equipment on Shanghai international marathon suffers the person that run reputably BLUE LINE(is the shortest the match runs into a line) also will appear in 2020 Pacific Ocean to be sure to grow trigonometry half Cheng on the circuit of marathon. For more the environment of circuit of joint green riverside and tonal, this BLUE LINE is luxuriant face about GREEN LINE, bring run the surprise with different friend.

According to sponsorring square introduction, the match aims to produce advantage of sports go ahead of the rest, serve long triangle unifinication to develop national strategy better, famous sports city builds the whole world that help strength, to sign home top-ranking match, it is a center with Qing Pu, radiation grows trigonometry unifinication area, exert oneself makes the match become long triangle area brand-new, independent, top-ranking road runs match brand, raise match major level, promotion match serves a standard, run for the road lover provides high quality match experience, make area sports industry cooperate with the model that linkage develops, drive unifinication of sports of long triangle area to develop a process, also reveal Qing Pu further ” the door of Shanghai ” urban new form.

Match respect signing up, take part in the match equally to give the person that run opportunity, match organizing committee uses forecast name to register and the means signing up of ballot, forecast famous general on January 9, 2020 15:00 open, and on January 13 17:00 ends, net of entry mount a horse of the person that run ( or APP of mount a horse can undertake signing up. Ballot outcome will be announced afternoon on January 16, after announcing ballot result on January 16 afternoon, come on January 19 17:00 expend time to pay, past the appointed time is unpaid regard as abandon signing up take part in the match qualification. Half horse cost signing up is long triangle 150 yuan / person, health runs it is 50 yuan / person. This second match is not set direct the person that run, person that elite runs is direct qualification, in putting ballot on the pool more quota of people, increased to forecast the likelihood of a be the lucky number greatly.

In addition, this second match still invited ” long triangle unifinication expands demonstrative division ” Suzhou city Wu Jiang district and fine promote organization of county of city fine be apt to to run the group comes round to take part in the match. The hope deepens shirt-sleeve area through this match the communication between 3 ground is interactive, accelerate area to coordinate development thereby. (Be over)