In news of new network Shanghai on January 1 report (reporter Chen Jing) prep against New Year the first sunshine, the person that rainbow of Liu of champion of Wang Junxia of champion of Olympic Games of woman long-distance race and Olympic Games of woman heel-and-toe walking race guides 4800 to run from Shanghai static install a park to set out, run jointly, receive New Year, deliver healthy life concept.



Shanghai • Jing Anyuan dawn sees the New Year in run 1 day early morning cries flute start of a race. Fan of thousands of sports wears kit, spirit enlivens, healthy, active position salutes the advent 2020. It is reported, player along Nanjing the road runs eastwards on the west, area of business of business affairs of journey high end reachs Beijing of static Annam of course of along the line on the west humanitarian and recreational poineering assemble takes Suzhou river two sides, arrive at 5 kilometers terminus finally respectively park of tulip of big peace of square of white yulan magnolia and 10 kilometers terminus, the run person of do all one can becomes Shanghai street the brightest beautiful scenery line.



Static bring a district appoint vice secretary, warden makes a speech at brave, static bring a district appoint clerical Liu Xiaodong announces contest, xu Bin of secretary of leading Party group of Shanghai sports bureau, director cries for the match flute hair makes. Attend a ceremony and participate in fitness district leader Gu Yunhao, Ding Baoding, Huang Gong, Jiang Ming, Xiejianhua, Bao Yingjing, Zhang Jun to run.

Jing Anyuan dawn sees the New Year in run to hold 5 years continuously, the fine easy to handle that already formed the many branch in

side the area to cooperate in coordination surpasses a mechanism, take the lead by bureau of the static sports that bring a district establish match organizing committee, hold for the match offer the form a complete set such as admirable security, traffic, relieve a sick or injured person, municipal, media to ensure a service. Circuit along the line and terminus set health center, water station and mobile toilet, static install an area to bring nearly more than 1000 security into play alarm volunteer of more than 400 force, matches and volunteer of relieve a sick or injured person of nearly 100 medical treatment, provide meticulous and considerate service and safe safeguard for the player jointly. In two terminus, the muscle after the organizing committee invites volunteer group to be the person that run to provide campaign loosens direct service.



Jing Anyuan of 2020 Shanghai • dawns 10 kilometers see the New Year in run will continue to continue 10 kilometers challenge and 5 kilometers family are close child domestic project is installed (10 kilometers group fastens group of 3600 people, 5 kilometers to fasten 1200 people) , circuit is passed ” two bridges one Sui ” () of crossroads of road of constant Feng Luqiao, Heng Feng, 10 thousand Rong Lu channel, it is the person that run to bring the circuit experience that has a challenge more. The match is set before male woman group 8 times for 10 kilometers highest 3000 yuan bonus and award, 10 kilometers still have before 3 times of male woman group and 5 kilometers group division the award that straps the sponsor such as the company to offer, every are over contest athlete can obtain medal and bag of New Year blessing. The contest continued to have the player Gong La in group, with be over contest rate undertakes PK is opposite definitely means, random in victorious team draw-out one is over runner, give ” the brigade that two-men Tokyo summer dreams to watch game ” .



According to introducing, 2020, static install an area to make put forth effort the activity of match of 3 class sports that includes international home professional match to wait inside system, develop match activity 400. This area will be standard, high quality, careful to elevation change, the brand is changed, offer for the people enclothe annual, whole area to participate in, the regale of gymnastical match activity that the whole people shares.