In new network Shanghai on June 1 report (reporter Yan Liqin) building international sports match in the process, the contest that is core with sports match performs job, course of study already became Shanghai to make economy increase the new kinetic energy, one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight level that lead sports industry development new job condition. On June 1, institute of sports of Shanghai sports bureau, Shanghai is released jointly ” consequence of Shanghai sports match evaluated a report 2019 ” , data shows, 12 when Shanghai held 2019 have representative major sports match to bring 3.09 billion yuan direct spending in all, relevant industry is pulled move effect to exceed 10.2 billion yuan.

Municipal government regulations ” Shanghai sports match runs way ” put forward clearly, build sports match to evaluate system, fixed release sports match to evaluate a report. According to regulations requirement, shanghai sports bureau is passed establish system of quota of sports match character, take the lead in beginning sports match consequence to evaluate with urban name in the whole nation, be in ” Shanghai sports match runs way ” apply formally first days, release ” Shanghai sports match evaluated a report 2019 ” . Xu Bin of secretary of leading Party group of city sports bureau, director expresses, evaluating a report is the important basis that decide and adjusts position of program of match of this city sports, shanghai will evaluate consequence of match of form adult Yo normalization mechanism henceforth, attestation of brand of match of work up sports, consequence is evaluated, the administrative closed circuit that special fund gives aid to, health of line of business of performance of stimulative Shanghai competition develops, make international sports match.

Shanghai sports institute serves as the tripartite that offers theory and professional technology to prop up, participated in compose to build sports match consequence to evaluate frame system, use this system, to the match of sports of 163 international home that Shanghai ran 2019 consequence undertakes comprehensive system is evaluated, collect science, professional assessment data. According to Party committee of Shanghai sports academy clerical plum introduces, the institute evaluates relevant research at sports match is being begun since 2002, successful research and development sports match investment yields the software system such as the model,

built database of sports match major, a series of mark sex positive result are obtained in the respect such as academic research and practice application. (Be over)