In report regarded news of new network Shanghai as one of issues of home’s largest competition of omnibus professional cable on July 20, the heavy curtain that the spring at the beginning of this year June surpasses afterwards just falls, lunar beyond is lain between when, stimulate burn summer, the heat wave that NeXT2020 summer surpasses Netease report contest is powerful will raid. The match project of below banner of Netease game, Microsoft game, blizzard game 19 classical admiral and popular product steps billow and come, cent of this whole journey of sports season match issues total final for the preelection on the line and Guangzhou line two phase, in take part in the match player of project amount dimensions, match and battle line are famous degree, the view below the line on the line surpasses experience, put together art recreation derives activity of content, Guan Saifu benefit to waited for each respect to prepare dye-in-the-wood surprise to pass on a player. NeXT2020 summer surpasses Netease report contest will on July 18 – during September 13, the person that have deep love for to every report contest is brought brand-new experience, let have deep love for warm up in the round in this summer.

   19 surpass a standard-sized sheet of thing project firepower, more than 1000 are seleted a player 10 thousand lis are carried one

NeXT2020 summer surpasses Netease report contest whole journey adds up to 46 races day, surpass on the line among them from July 18 open lasts to August 30, add up to 40 races day; The final below the line from September 4 open lasts to September 13, add up to 6 races day. Current summer game adds up to 19 matches project, netease game takes part in the match the project includes 14 times: ” dream swims on the west ” computer edition the astral invitational tournament of 3 bounds, ” dream swims on the west ” the hand swims consortium elite invitational tournament, ” decisive battle! Restful Beijing ” the invitational tournament in season, ” impersonal lyceum ” S6 of QwQ cup contest; Blizzard game takes part in the match the project is 4 times respectively: ” keep watch pioneer ” NeXT2020 summer game, NeXT ” furnace stone is fabulous ” contest of peak of chess Zong Dian, ” Ⅲ of demon animal contend for hegemony ” contest of Great Master contend for hegemony, ” Ⅱ of interstellar contend for hegemony ” global elite invitational tournament; And Microsoft game ” my world ” match project.

Level of tall athletics of match of give attention to two or morethings reachs the principle that the whole people can share, invitational tournament of player of star of continuance of current summer game + the double game that sea of actual strength of the whole people picks game makes pattern, netease game takes part in the match in product project ” dream swims on the west ” computer edition, ” after tomorrow ” wait for star player invitational tournament to make an item, add up to invite group of nearly 120 top class consortium, club battle, enclothe player of more than 1000 actual strength. ” the 5th character ” , ” wild action ” , ” cat and mice ” official hand swims wait for sea of the whole people to pick contest item, spring of hopeful breakthrough previous term or session is surpassed of 300 thousand take part in the match gross of player signing up; Blizzard department takes part in the match more than 110 player gets project foot invite join the summer to surpass a battle array.

   Custom-built change build be enmeshed type watchs game, the match is made sow a technology to upgrade again

Precipitated before the technical experience of sports season, this sports season 3D is fictitious act sow hall to upgrade again, use asymmetrical means optimizes proportion of the close shot in picture of spot direct seeding, let setting allocation more accord with visual habit. In addition, the infuse of element of modern building aesthetic is accurate and shirt-sleeve the brand moves a gender, bring an audience panoramic style be enmeshed the experience that watch game.

Each product is custom-built change direct seeding content to pack reach straight hookup technology to upgrade, between explanation, right blast / check of integral board, MVP, player introduction bring the stereoer, vision impact that has distinguishing feature more. Not only such, the match and push send a network to upgrade, synchronous support flows 6 times to sow offer more optional read content, fiber-optic + the network of 5G double passageway is decorated ensure match server defer falls lowest; Upgrade equipment, made detailed equipment standard include a match to use machine, network QC of relevant equipment, monitoring.

   Explanation of top class player is aided blast, famous club battle group takes part in the match

Blow hassle bugle, the should belong to athletics of the passion before the stage players with electric competition the most dazzling issue, current summer surpasses starlight Yi Yi, gather global KOL of hundreds report contest, lyn of elder sister of Ga of Scarlett of veteran Luna MooN, interstellar goddess, beautiful the king of beasts, furnace stone chairman installs De Luoni… and heavyweight dream swims on the west of jade of consortium celestial being, 9 goosefoot, Nie, gold explanation yellow Xu Dong, Sun Yifeng, 7 lord, columbine sea becomes summer of go out for a battle of the numerous and well-known player such as the road, explanation, consortium to surpass. Club side, current ” decisive battle! Restful Beijing ” the invitational tournament in season battle group gets many famous club the peak that invites decisive battle honor, ” keep watch pioneer ” NeXT2020 summer game will have competition ground of join forces of group of battle of 2 Korea OC, 6 China OC.

  Famous sponsor your kind effort supports, direct seeding of whole journey of much home platform

Experienced 5 sports season, the achievement be obvious to all of NeXT of Netease report contest. 2020 summers game continues to get with all possible means the support of your kind effort of the brand. They are the strategy respectively cooperative brand is minor roc car, presiding assistance China sponsor permanent bicycle and HP computer for recreation center, industry, appoint product thunder snake and western data.

Summertime game begins battle will be in on July 18 ” dream swims on the west ” three-dimensional edition the 2nd a large number of heroes chases the deer-fight for the throne cross take elite contest and ” cat and mice ” official hand swims the whole people spreads out in contest project. The person that contest of each game report is had deep love for can watch living broadcast through 163 officials net, still can lock up decide platform of direct seeding of collaboration of the following government.

   Much archives match derives send out of put together art, activity of the huge material benefits that watch game is ceaseless

Be opposite besides the major that can admire Gao Shuiping definitely, eye of gnarl of of all kinds develop is the match the audience offers more recreation to influence the choice that watch game. Consistent dream all corners of the country ” renown sword academy ” , ” after tomorrow ” stand after all the activity reachs program of put together art ” NeXT forestalls his opponent by a show of strength ” etc of all kinds derive content and interactive activity, participate in an activity to be able to solve rare prop of lock game precious, match the substantial money reward such as peripher

y of bag of custom-built and fictitious ceremony, game!

   See nova of effect NeXTalent explanation is born at the beginning of match zoology

Since awn of star of NeXTalent of Netease report contest plans to be started oneself, wide get attention. A beautiful stage that explanation talent recruit plans as NeXTalent star awn, come from the brilliant student with the relevant and professional institution of higher learing such as Chinese medium university, Tsinghua university, and come from the CC direct seeding, person that fights the platform of popular direct seeding such as tooth of fish, tiger, Bilibili to enrage advocate sow, the bosom puts electric contest dream to sign up eagerly, final one dream, one beautiful jade, loftily 3 exhibit a strong point each, heavy break out of an encirclement, part before behead is obtained 3 armour, become explanation of first government of Netease report contest. NeXT2020 summer surpasses Netease report contest, hard-fought war one summer! To have deep love for battle!