In news of new network Shanghai on January 13 report (reporter Jiang Yu) 2019-20 sports season " Jr. Shanghai of @ of league matches of NBA campus basketball ” 12 sunset issue total final of high school group heavy curtain. Middle school of model of Shanghai southern Asia wit

h final score 77:65 conquer learn international ministry in old rival Shanghai, win championship of this second league matches. Come from south the Pan Anqi of modular middle school with 23 minutes, 6 those who grab not common expression has the honor to win total final MOP() of the most crackajack player, and the special honour of optimal coach criterion by teach for years the Meng Jiasen’s coach of ministry of the high school at the beginning of Yu Namo middle school is picked again.

(south modular middle school wins 2019-20 sports season ” Jr. Shanghai of @ of league matches of NBA campus basketball ” champion of total final of high school group)

This sports season ” Jr. Shanghai of @ of league matches of NBA campus basketball ” still continue ” more than to win ” theme, since will open contest on October 15 last year, with what wonderful confused shows contest condition harvests all circles attention. The 4th year when hold in league matches, take part in the match the team also greets develop to fill again, add up to the team of top high school man on 10 Shanghai gathers together hereat, all show the elegant demeanour of athletics of high level basketball of strong strong collision. Those who pass 2 many months is intense than going all out, the international in defending middle school of the model austral crown champion and champion of first league matches finally to go up by two again join forces total final, also be two teams are the 3rd year continuously on total final competition ground openly engage in a battle.

In finals begin at the beginning of, two familiar adversary spread out intense contention. Anticipate the enemy of modular middle school hits a 5:0 southa bureau, but the international in going up adjusts position quickly, in dash forward outside cast with a 12:1intense offensive implementation exceeds instead, the international in when first match ends, going up with 30:20 banner south modular middle school. The 2nd comes up, the international in going up tries to continue to enlarge lead dominant position through 3 minutes of balls, but south modular middle school regards Wei Mian as the gas end champion dye-in-the-wood, play score gradually with quick attack through be being grabbed ceaselessly close, exceed instead in section end implementation, decide score in order to press chirp 3 minutes case to be in 42:3Match of 9 ends first half.

(south modular middle school spreads out intense contention in finals spot with the international in going up)

Easy edge of the second half again battle, the backward international in going up uses bank of the field before take by storm is mixed for many times, try to tear apart the other side defend. Across, south 7 Pan Anqi of modular middle school are broken through 3 times continuously notch, guide team to enlarge lead dominant position continuously through stable play, 3 battle stop south 61:5 of modular middle school1 banner the international in going up. Minor details contention, the international in going up is initiated strike back finally, narrow score for two times by right of breathtaking tenacity to 6 minutes. But oath is in carry off 3 of Lian Guan south modular middle school did not give adversary any chances again, use defend stably stability is gotten the better of bureau, final with score 77:65 defend crown 2019-20 sports season successfully once more ” Jr. Shanghai of @ of league matches of NBA campus basketball ” total champion of high school group.

“Jr. Shanghai of @ of league matches of NBA campus basketball ” leave project of global adolescent basketball as NBA banner — Jr. The teenage basketball that NBA bend force makes surpasses work platform, spend in order to raise basketball sport in the participation in adolescent for gist, match of have the aid of is carrier, build a campus basketball culture to communicate the bridge with practice, in encouraging more adolescent to be able to join basketball actively to move, feel the positive effect that it brings. At the same time also around ” more than to win ” match theme, it is for contact with basketball besides victory or defeat innovation gives richer feeling and experience, let adolescent grow in the results in the experience, experience Jr. NBA ” group, care, determination, esteem ” basketball movement spirit.

(legend star is like En Mali to hold a surprise high to aid blast)

Draw near Chinese traditional New Year during, this total final also serves as ” big fight of the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year’s Day ” ahead of schedule tribute spot audience. Take the rich and interactive activity that establish besides passing through competition ground, if cheering squad performance, tom-tom is performed, the astral game of shoot a basket, the spot that strengthens a match experiences and participate in degree, those who present a festival is lively with joy. The surprise that two legend star is like favour · Ma Liang and Bruce · Bao Wen is aided blast, also added more rich congratulatory color for the match, in the energy atmosphere that affects more audience to be enmeshed at basketball motion place to build.

The fervent atmosphere of match of have the aid of, jr of 2019-20 sports season. League matches of woman of NBA Shanghai junior high school appears formally also hereat second final spot, deliver Ji Wang jointly for carrier with basketball spirit. As be aimed at teenage motion participator ” Her Time To Play ” the main component in the project, the 2nd Jr. Augment of league matches of woman of NBA Shanghai junior high school is 6 team, arouse more girl to enlist basketball campaign with the means of active health not only, in the promotion that their self-confidence, cooperation, leader develops to wait for integrated quality besides classroom, also help more female participate in each domains of basketball match in the round, offer to communicate for them, the cooperation, platform that take an active part in and enjoys its to accomplish.

No matter be of match platform,building or is extend richer experience form for contact with the match, jr. NBA devotes oneself to those who carry activity of basketball of each basic level to hold from beginning to end, bring the influence of active health to grow teenagely. 2016, NBA of combination of Ministry of Education is initiated ” campus basketball ” project, in the whole nation rich basketball is made inside campus of each middle and primary school athletic experience, groom through basketball teacher the more act such as development of teaching material of battalion, education, education of sports of promotion campus basketball, extracurricular activity and education of persons qualified to teach, groom the quality that waits for a respect and level. At present the whole nation already had 6000 schools to be participated in ” campus basketball ” in the project, make more than 8 million adolescent personal experience the athletic drive that transfers to basketball place and glamour. (Be over)