In news of new network Shanghai1Month14Day report 1Month12DayIDOInternational dancing federation ” grand ceremony of contest of dance of electrify cup international ” hold in Shanghai, liu Zuyi with the whole worldLDOThe youngest judgment chaired this on behalf of all judgment ” grand ceremony of contest of dance of electrify cup international ” .

IDOInternational dancing federation, it is dancing of a world and organization of sports dancing international. 1981The year’s harvest stands at Italy, the member comes from 6 continent now, have91National member, the delegate exceeds250000Person. Have every year now150The world tounament of field above, world cup, european championship, the world of operation’s greatest dancing is organized.

Dancing is art of a vision, the thought content that must watch ability to experience work and art are beautiful, to the analysis of artistic figure, evaluation and judgement, to the feeling of artistic figure, experience and understanding. It asks to make evaluate well and truly as far as possible, produce social effect to growing dancing enterprise through it.

Liu Zuyi, China, female, 21CUBAVolunteer of sports of undergraduate of Chinese undergraduate league matches is represented, IDOInternational dancing organization registers international to evaluate a judgment, IDOInternational dancing organization teachs council vice director, ethical folk dance only appoint can deputy secretary-general, popular dance only appoint conference vice director, international communicates central deputy secretary-general.

2019Year10Month20Day, liu Zuyi makes the whole world the youngestLDOInternational dancing organization registers international evaluation, she will be representedIDOThe international dance contest of alive bound each country and area carries out a judgment. (Be over)