Original plan, shanghai will run match of home of more than 180 international this year, include marathon of international of game of competition of F1 China large award, Shanghai tennis master, Shanghai to wait. Because of epidemic situation, some matches adjourn, whether are some matches held as scheduled pendent. Undertook yesterday ” interview of the people’s livelihood of 2020 Shanghai broadcast ” in, the circumstance of Shanghai sports match that Xu Bin of director of Shanghai sports bureau cares with respect to the citizen has a response.

Total final of archery world cup will be held in November

The station of Shanghai of archery world cup that ran in Shanghai in May surely formerly suffers epidemic situation influence to cancel, the course talks things over, on this year at present the middle ten days of a month will be held in November. Xu Bin expresses, international arrow couplet has hope very much to Shanghai, year of archery world cup total final is put in Shanghai, replace Shanghai of original archery world cup to distribute station game, this also will be China holds total final of archery world cup first.

In addition, the competition of F1 China large award that countrywide sports confuses a care and game of master of ATP1000 Shanghai tennis are talking things over actively. Near future of F1 management company announces the match of before this year 8 stations, be in Europe. Tennis federation also will announce international man profession to was mixed in August the leg September. Current, the time running contest that the main body running contest of Shanghai already surpassed with respect to Great Master of competition of F1 China large award and Shanghai tennis and organization of relevant international sports are preliminary reach consensus, will decide as soon as possible and announce formally. Be aimed at the information that held two possibly about competition of F1 China large award recently, xu Bin expresses, in talking things over.

The Shanghai international marathon that the person that run cares most, will upgrade this year for match of mark of platinum of international cropland couplet, this also is match of mark of platinum of first marathon of Chinese. In international cropland couplet on the contest all previou

s 2020, the match date of mount a horse will be on November 29. Current, the main body running contest of mount a horse is opposite mark ” platinic mark ” requirement, advance a match actively to prepare. In the meantime, according to the characteristic of marathon thing, measure of formulate individuation epidemic prevention. Hope affection prevents an epidemic accuse a situation to improve, marathon thing can restore.

Games of the 3rd citizen opens contest on the line

Epidemic situation causes serious effect to traditional match, aid at the same time push the match on the line to develop quickly. 4 years of citizens ” the Olympic Games beside ” — games of the 3rd citizen will begin in second half of the year. Yesterday, civil transport of the 3rd city moves Shanghai the games on conference line opens contest, invite a citizen one case ” the cloud ” move rise.

Xu Bin introduces, the games on the line sets a competition kind, reveal kind, gout originality kind 3 big board piece project of nearly 100 matches, the skip that includes citizen love, broadcast is held, the road runs, directional contest, wushu, bicycle, pull-up, flat is propped up, the multinomial match such as go, chess. “We make full use of athletic contrail is caught, directional dozen of card, crucial skeleton nods the cloud displacement compares new technology of quits artificial intelligence, the athletic video that lets systematic program upload to the player undertakes making component, rank then. Citizen friend can upload through video, card is played on the line, lie between in waiting for much means to participate in the games on the line to play chess for nothing, come, the person is amounted to in high in the clouds and each motion one relatively relative superiority or inferiority. The person is amounted to in high in the clouds and each motion one relatively relative superiority or inferiority..

The games on the line breaks time of the game below traditional line and district limitation, it is network of fitness of development the whole people exploration of interactive new pattern. All city civil transport uses the principal part running contest of the meeting, can serve platform to click the games on the line in citizen games information board piece options order, found independently, sponsor activity of the match on the line.

That day, mascot of games of the 3rd citizen announces Shanghai, it is respectively ” fine jade fine jade ” and ” Kang Kang ” , take the homophonic of Shanghai language health. Mascot ” fine jade fine jade ” with yellow Pu Jiang water is design element, hold Shanghai grey yulan magnolia, show urban characteristic; Mascot ” Kang Kang ” Haitian mark builds above — tower of Oriental bright phearl is design element, adorn VR glasses, self-confidence nods assist, reveal urban drive and sports drive. (Qin Dongying of emancipatory daily reporter)