I wish be every day,a lot of people say ” 61 ” the Children’s Festival, so is the child in the festival happy? Investigation samples to show before class of Shanghai parent school: The parent thinks the happy index of own child is the word of full marks with 100 minutes: 60 minutes the following, occupy 4.47% ; 61 minutes, occupy 70 minutes 19.13% ; 71 minutes, occupy 90 minutes 53.15% ; 91 minutes, occupy 100 minutes 23.25% . Childhood joy index exceeds child of 90 minutes to be close to 1/4.

“Corporeal living conditions of the child is close friends in one’s childhood than parents now a lot of, but in light of the happy degree from child spirit level and inner world, may not is close friends in one’s childhood than parents. ” online classroom has Shanghai parent school ” esteem, understanding, admit — make children happier ” special direct seeding, many children teachs an expert to say frankly, “The pressure of study ” and ” the parent’s apiration ” these two ” person ” , and ” the child of others home ” this ” a third party ” , taking the pleasure of child childhood ceaselessly.

Over- half child completes work inside 2 hours

Before direct seeding class, shanghai parent school is passed ” Yun Kaiping stage ” release special subject to investigate questionnaire, in all 2907 people participate in investigation, age of the child in the home paragraph basically be 6 years old, 11 years old.

In nearly 3000 famili

es, the time that the child does work everyday is in of 1 hour of less than have 422 people, occupy 14.52% ; 1 hour, 2 hours have 1182 people, occupy 40.83% ; 2 hours, 3 hours have 799 people, occupy 27.49% ; Of 3 hours of above have 499 people, occupy 17.17% . Additional, those who family accompanies child affectation course of study have 2084 people, occupy 71.69% ; It is 823 people without what the person accompanies, occupy 28.31% .

In suffer in visitting parent eye, what is the child’s largest interest interest? True with ” learn ” like for the largest interest, occupy only 6.33% ; Interest of the largest interest is reading, occupy 15.14% ; Be game, occupy 33.02% ; Be sports activity, occupy 16.72% ; Artistic kind occupy 28.79% .

Face 55 thousand person-time to close inspect the parent, the Han Xu of compere of stage of Shanghai broadcasting television of online classroom introduces, the main reason with child bad mood, in ” frank and sincere ” parents look, because overweight study and exam, teacher’s too severe education mixes the burden,be of parents normally beat and scold, do not have free, parents vie the educational means of heart and eager for quick success and instant benefit.

Go out the child of home of the others in the heart please

Shanghai opened Dong Limin of associate professor of major of college preschool education to share a case: The reporter interviews parents and their child respectively. The reporter asks father and mother: “If give your child to make component, how much component can you make? ” the inadequacy that father mother begin the child since fine number, reply hesitantly next: “70 minutes ” ” 85 minutes ” ” I feel 90 minutes ” … ask again when the reporter aside the children of amuse oneself: “If let you make component to father mother, how many minutes can you hit? ” children the little face with babyish raise, reply haughtily: “Hum, 100 minutes ” , “I give mother 100 minutes! ” …

Dong Limin thinks, the weakness that children admitted parents, mistake, failure, commonplace peace altogethers. “Each defect is the start that the child grows actually. ” she says, “The parent wants him heart in that ‘ the child of others home ‘ go out please, those who admit the child is faulty. ” Shanghai teachs seminar family to teach Sun Chuanyuan of professional council vice director to express personally eventually, cross much blame and criticism to the child, can let the child produce distance move to parents, suspect parents does not like him, bring about parentage scanty from.

As to ” comparative ” , dong Limin imparts to parents method: Oneself are compared with oneself, follow to was compared yesterday today, follow this to be compared last.

Expert proposal, the parent should be put smooth ” certainly and care ” this ” horizontal feet ” . With ” the secret of children ” for exemple, year young the child does not have a secret, parents feels very happy; Be brought up gradually as the child had a secret, parents begins concern, want to dig inner world of the child, child of further even control…

“When discovery the child had a secret, explain the child begins to grow. ” Sun Chuanyuan says, “Parents should understand the child to develop the rule in the body and mind of each growing phase, give the child enough private space. The parent of wisdom can have managed him mood, help child dredge is undesirable mood, parent joy, the child is happy also. ” (Xu Ruizhe of emancipatory daily reporter)