Virus of new-style coronal shape is pneumonic epidemic situation is undoubted and great affected the league matches of Chinese football profession this year, and the SARS that happened 2003 ever also took huge impact to A of armour of the last reign of a dynasty. After league matches of 2003 sports season has competition of the first phase, china is sufficient assist the decision defers the race of the 2nd phase that opened contest on May 7 surely formerly, the armour A team of great majority chooses to close inside his base during this at that time assemble for training. Compare with the photograph 17 years ago, today’s China is sufficient assist the club exceeds to handle ability and financial capacity respect to all have very big promotion in sudden incident in mixing, because,also be this, when sufficient assist after announcing this to defer league matches to open match date, team of much Zhi Zhongchao makes response inside very short time, the abroad before setting out undertakes assemble for training.

On January 30, china is sufficient assist announce league matches of profession of 2020 sports season will be deferred formally undertake, two days short in, club of the harbor on Shanghai has ordered airline ticket, hotel and field of assemble for training to whole group at top speed. Begin from Feburary 2, before member cent approves harbor gang to set out from Shanghai on, go to A couplet chief of a tribe enlighten do obeisance to, launch model of winter of the 2nd phase. It is reported, on harbor club makes such decision have two reasons at that time: Because league matches adjourns,be above all, team needs the land of assemble for training with the each field more appropriate requirement such as climate, in order to hold player position; Consider epidemic situation next, the club hopes to assure the absolutely health of the player, before be not being affected thereby, undertake toward guest field inferior before the coronal 3 rounds of matches (the) in planning at that time. Current, harbor gang is in on enlighten the training that do obeisance to is given priority to with a day of two practice, training basically undertakes in force room in the morning, undertake the training of ability tactics respect towards evening.

With on harbor original plan just flies to the first till Feburary 9 inferior Sydney of coronal match ground is different, explain the plan with original flower is the first is gone to before setting out on Feburary 3 inferior coronal group contest has the land Australian Po this, the assemble for training of period of time undertakes before contest. But enter a country newly at announcing on Feburary 1 in Australian government after policy, shen Huali be about to Cong Po of destination of assemble for training this instead enlighten do obeisance to, and on Feburary 3 before dawn sets out from Shanghai. It is reported, explain the flower is in at present enlighten the training rhythm that do obeisance to is a day of one practice, and new join in many player of team is in advocate undertake imposing practice below the arrangement of handsome Cui Kangxi. Be worth what carry is, turn in this one can inside window period, explain the beautiful strength that bring hold is very great, introduced many players such as Xiao Ting of Ceng Cheng, Feng, Qin Sheng, Zhao Mingjian, Zhu Baojie, Wen Jiabao and Mubiya at a heat, although much name is tall the age paragraph the arrival of the player lets outside play say explain the flower is ” beadhouse ” , but the consideration that the club also is having him: On one hand, explain the flower will is faced with in this sports season in super- , inferior coronal multi-line fights, xiao Ting of Ceng Cheng, Feng and the player such as Zhao Mingjian will enhance team to call the ability of crucial game; Next, ceng Cheng and Feng Xiao Ting are arrive in order to hire debit pattern from Heng Dalai explain flower, constant of it is reported leases without collection not only greatly cost, still partook even the one part salary of two people.

Be worth what carry is, be in at present enlighten do obeisance to explain spend and go up harbor was not made clear next program arrangement, this means them to plan the wintry model outside this to still do not know when to will end. Be in abroad personally fortunately they are not alone, be in enlighten do obeisance to this area not to calculate too big middle east city in, still 3 Zhi Zhongchao team are undertaking assemble for training, it is Jiangsu respectively Luneng of Su Ning, Shandong and of this sports season in exceed Yellow Sea of Qingdao of go up horse. And Zhuang Yongchang of another go up Home Ma Shi is same also trained oneself battalion arrangement to be in A couplet chief of a tribe, the place is located in a capital Abuzabi, with enlighten do obeisance to only apart 100 much kilometers. Amount to 6 Zhi Zhongchao team to assemble in A couplet chief of a tribe, be apart distance is not far also, contest of arrangement warm up already was carried by each club schedule, player of this pardonable also part and coach had arrange in A couplet chief of a tribe ” small in super- ” it is better to come the thought that holds position.

Besides gather enlighten do obeisance to and besides 6 team of Abuzabi, the others exceeds a club to also give team member in much people arranged abroad assemble for training. In the Chongqing of Japanese Okinawa assemble for training at present for instance Si Wei is mixed Heibei an ancient name for China is happy, former originally plan even if place is headed for to spread out assemble for training of the 2nd phase after the Spring Festival, the development of epidemic situation lets a club decide to extend time of assemble for training, and happiness of an ancient name for China is on January 30 the same night sets out hurry off to Okinawa. In Spain Mabeila also has two Zhi Zhongchao team likewise: Wuhan eminent Er has wintry standard over originally, the club after league matches adjourns decides to extend time of assemble for training; Have quite toward Mabeila before Dalian one party dramatic, team sets out on January 28 formerly, encounter the airliner cancels however, a subsequently travel plan is fortunately unripe without reappearance accident.

How does Beijing country undertake assemble for training in island of Korea aid city at present, this team will be in it is reported all the time over there assemble for training arrives Feburary the middle ten days of a month, before setting out directly next, go to Thailand, prepare for war inferior the match of coronal head field and clear Lai wing. And this match also is inferior before the coronal 3 rounds in exclusive one field general is punctual the race that team transcends to attend in held having. In addition, tianjin peaceful is amounted to undertake training in Bangkok originally, after league matches adjourns, they also chose to extend the time of assemble for training that is in the ground.

Also partial team chooses to be in domestic assemble for training. For instance Henan builds course of study and Tianjin day sea to be in Kunming at present; Guangzhou constant is in greatly Cong Di did obeisance to an end on January 22 after model of winter of the first phase returns, at the beginning of good year 3 center again, subsequently the club decides to let whole group undertake in new base whole sealing type trains, of player and coach eat, live, practice is finished in base.

Under photograph comparing, guangzhou rich force appears a little additional kind. On January 31, rich force cancelled the abroad zip that Thailand heads for in the plan, instead undertakes assemble for training in Guangzhou college town, do not pass team member people received the information that have a holiday after base trained 3 days merely, the club asks player eg

o coming home is kept apart, till 24 days of team center assemble for training again this month. (Wu Yulun of Chen Haixiang of civil report reporter)