Normally, the meaning that calendar year winter checks is more than it is to make each F1 motorcade is accumulated as far as possible much data example in order to transform cycle racing, the public opinion before also becoming sports season builds the arena of situation. It is however after the winter test of 2020 sports season, of new coronal epidemic situation eruptive, let ought lively cycle racing world is immersed in become silent. Before 10 contest that assign a station are deferred one after another or cancel, about cancelling the talk of new sports season also for a time cause a temporary clamor, till this Zhou Er, the competition of large award of F1 of 2020 sports season of suffer many mishaps in one’s life announces regression formally.

Although be announced at present before sports season is being involved only in leg 8 stations, but the car that enough makes await for a long time is confused feel rise with force and spirit. According to the plan, new sports season will open act at standing from Austria on July 3, the flounder inside the time that after this will be in 9 weeks is Hungarian, England, Spain, Belgian with Italy, among them Austria and England all will run contest two weeks continuously, 8 all contest that assign a station all will take the form of empty field. To try to distinguish, the 2nd contest assigning a station that holds in Austria will surpass circuit of annulus of ground red ox to be in area to name for ” large award of Shi Taier mark is surpassed ” , and move in one class equation the very important England in domain, the 2nd contest assigning a station that silver-colored stone circuit holds criterion by the coronal with having the name of times meaning more — ” 70 anniversary of F1 motion are surpassed ” .

Resemble moving in F1 history like going up to never still had had empty field to do the experience of contest, leaf through the past 70 years to surpass all previous, also cannot find an any cities to be able to hold the contest that assign a station for many times in odd sports season. This citing nature helplessly is to reduce motorcade journey to rush about, reduce the infection risk of staff member and car hand. Above is not F1 management company (the exclusive compromise that FOM) makes to return to circuit. Time of nearly two months holds 8 contest that assign a station, such density is the test that one class equation moves to never had been experienced. From begin large award competition removes battle Austria, each motorcade will be successive 3 weeks ” back is carried on the back ” take part in the match. And after brief a week rests, at the England of open of silver-colored stone circuit large award was surpassed on July 31 will mean another round continuously 3 weeks compete for continuously. the contemporary F1 movement that carries to involving a large number of long-distance journeys, goods and materials, such leg will be ordeal and heavy burden. Similar setting has been performed only before this — to give Russia world cup gave way 2018, in those days F1 large award surpasses unprecedented the ground is in France, Austria and England 3 weeks to hold the contest that assign a station continuously, consistent criticism encountered inside paddock.

Break more rule, jump over the determination that can reflect F1 to return to, if its are announcing the place after surpassing all previous newly,stating in that way, “Abandon 2020 sports season never becoming the option of F1 respect, global know exactly about sth works 1000 times direct or post and F1 are indirect relevant, abandon sports season can generating enormous pressure to each motorcade. ” the target of F1 respect never is changed, namely as soon as possible open sports season, but decide success or failure of this one target finally in fact be not them. Before F1 announces new sports season is about to open act, produced main event two cases — the plan running contest of respect of F1 of Austrian government approval; The participator that British government agrees to be all F1 match leaves piece ” segregation immunity ” , come so, motorcade car hand and staff members need not be like other international passenger to keep apart 14 days in the ego after entering a country in that way. Need to run the country of many contest that assign a station in this sports season as two current and only, the give the final decision of England and Austrian government is crucial, respect of not only F1 communicates this backside for a long time with go canvassing, also involved fair interest trade. According to England ” defend a newspaper ” report, only two contest assigning a station that hold in mainland confuse free direct seeding to British car, main reason is British government was taken out ” keep apart immunity ” .

Influence the generati

on of case of illness to prevent new coronal, do except empty field contest, fixed detect, ask control of amount of each motorcade personnel is inside 80 people beyond, f1 still put forward ” F1 biosphere ” concept. After all staff members and car hand are detecting through new coronal virus, with respect to the area that will enter this to isolate with the outside, solve all lives and working problem. Nevertheless secret worry still is in, mere 10 motorcade will involve nearly 800 people, calculate on the staff member of the supplier such as tire, engine and international steam couplet, the participator of a contest that assign a station will still break through 1000 people. And the determination that F1 respect resembles his starting sports season to this manner is determined in that way. “New sports season won’t because of an any case of illness appear and interrupt. If have the staff member infection of motorcade, segregation provides treatment and should search its replace person selected. If car feel was caught, each motorcade also has spare 3 cars hand. ” Qiesi Carey expresses presiding apparitor of F1 management company.

According to F1 respect message, next leg will be the fastest in June the bottom is announced, and receive what the official stands to hold the ground to still be in very likely the Abuzabi of A couplet chief of a tribe. Fluctuant to what develop because of new coronal epidemic situation likely at any time and cause, f1 management company already also was made enough much lash-up beforehand case, be in all reserving the circuit of Huo Genhai Mu with famous Germany included in circuit. (Xie Xiaotian of civil report reporter)